| Motherhood: The Early Months |

On February 4th, at 6:09 in the morning, I became a mother. Isla is a bundle of smiles and joy, and now that she has been around for six months, she is becoming more active and energetic, filled with life and feistiness. Her vivacious personality was noticeable from a few weeks in. I focused a … Continue reading | Motherhood: The Early Months |


| Down to the Wire |

Well, February is here finally. Isla is expected on February 11th but every prenatal class and workshop I have taken tells me the 'Due Date' is more of a 'Guess Date', with only around 5% of babies born actually showing up when they're 'supposed' to. Not the easiest pill to swallow with something as huge … Continue reading | Down to the Wire |

| Reinvigorated |

re·in·vig·or·ate verb past tense: reinvigorated; past participle: reinvigorated give new energy or strength to. I find myself smiling this morning for a few reasons. Autumn has arrived and the air is crisp while the sun is still warm. I have released my sweaters from last season's basement confinement. The leaves are turning, in various degrees … Continue reading | Reinvigorated |

| Reflection |

With a short 10 days remaining in 2016, time to reflect is upon us once more. Looking back at this year is painful, I admit. With everything from war-torn countries and messy (understatement) politics, to favourite actors passing (#Always), 2016 should dig it's own grave and bury itself in it, never to be remembered. Closer … Continue reading | Reflection |