Petalsuite began as a blog in June 2015, as a way for me to share things that I found beautiful and inspiring. The name came from two words, ‘petal’ and ‘suite’. ‘Suite’, in this context, was taken from the context of a stationery suite, which is a collection of things forming a series or set. Petals are delicate, beautiful, often colourful and inspiring, and represented the sorts of things I wanted to write about. I registered the business name in 2016, and initially offered creative work only.

When my personal life and mental health took a turn, I refocused Petalsuite to become a blog about my journey with depression and mental health.

In 2019, I decided to refresh the brand to encompass five different segments of business; Art + Design, Mental Health Awareness, Community + Culture, Events + Occasions, and Motherhood. In creating my logo, I decided these five segments would be represented by five petals of an olive green coloured cherry blossom. The cherry blossom is an iconic flower to Washington D.C., due to the 1912 gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees from Japan to the United States as a gift of friendship, and subsequent National Cherry Blossom Festival, held every Spring in Washington D.C., during the blossoms’ peak bloom. I chose olive green as a colour because it is the colour of nature and gives a warm, calming effect while representing growth, life, and health. As the colour of renewal, it also evokes feelings of innovation, originality, creativity, and wisdom.