The Petalsuite blog is a deeper insight into my mind. Born in the United Kingdom, travelling throughout Europe as a child of a military family, growing up in Washington DC, and spending a year in South America; my entire life has exposed me to a wide range of cultures, lifestyles, and emotions.

Professionally, I began working in the Special Events industry at age 20 at a luxury event décor company in Washington DC. There I remained for over three years, progressing from a shift artist to the Art Director and Head of PR for a brand new boutique firm that was built from the previous company. In the Fall of 2014, I transitioned to a prestigious city club in Washington, with a membership of former Presidents, Senators, Nobel Prize winners, authors and professors, where I coordinated Weddings and formal banquets through the Catering department. The following year, I moved to Ontario with my husband and began working as the Event Manager of a well-known local catering company. Upon realizing I needed to be more in touch with my creativity, in Spring 2017, I began working for a boutique graphic design and stationery shop.

On a personal note, I formed Petalsuite as an outlet to cope with the huge life changes I had made. My childhood of displacement and change took a toll on me that I could never have anticipated. As a grown woman, I suffered from identity crises, perfectionism, and clinical depression. This blog is my way of getting my thoughts out and in writing, so I can learn from my own mental processes and become the best version of myself.