| Closing Time |

My goal for [2016] was finding Purpose. In 2017 I strive for Balance. In home life, health, relationships and friendships, work, sleep, and mentality.’ 

 | Reflection | , Petalsuite, December 21st, 2016

For the past few years, I have chosen a Word of the Year, as opposed to setting New Years’ Resolutions. Throughout the year, I come back to this word and I try to infuse it more into my daily life. ‘Balance’, my word for 2017, certainly made an impact on my life as I scaled back my workload enormously by taking a part-time position in a more creative and better-attuned-to-me workplace. Fewer hours and more love for where I worked, who I worked with, and the work I was doing, helped improve my homelife since I wasn’t bringing home the same kinds of stress, anxieties, and pressure as I had been in my previous position.

Naturally, this has lead to more balanced relationships with my husband and friends. I find myself with more time to invest in the people who have been there for me, and are traveling along similar paths in life to my own. Not only that, but I’ve had more time to invest in bettering my health and wellbeing. In October and November I signed up for a 30 day trial at BLiSS by Ann Green, a local yoga studio overlooking the lake right here in Barrie, and by the end of it, had never felt better. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to re-up my membership yet, but I hope to fit in another month’s yoga in January in preparation for my baby girl’s arrival.

I have also formed a habit over the past year of meditating before bed. Six out of seven nights a week, I find a guided meditation online and use that to help clear my mind and fall asleep better. Often I’ll think of something that has been weighing on me that day, and include it when searching for a video, for example: ‘Guided meditation for Depression’, or ‘Guided meditation for positivity’. Getting into bed a little earlier and giving my brain this time has completely altered my outlook on issues as they arise during the day. I’m not perfect, but I am noticeably better at not entering an irrational panic mode every time a problem comes up for me to tackle.

Which brings me to now. At the closing of 2017, with a baby dancing in my belly ready to arrive into the world in a short 7 weeks or so, in a better place mentally than this time last year.  Ten days left of a transformative year, and I think I have my Word for next year.


In anticipation of motherhood, forming a connection with my baby so she never has to feel alone, connection with my husband as we enter a totally new chapter of our relationship, and maintaining a connection with my self and everything that makes me, me.


*Sidenote, anyone with similar tastes to mine will pick up on the reference in this blog posts’ title




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