| Reflection |

With a short 10 days remaining in 2016, time to reflect is upon us once more. Looking back at this year is painful, I admit. With everything from war-torn countries and messy (understatement) politics, to favourite actors passing (#Always), 2016 should dig it’s own grave and bury itself in it, never to be remembered.

Closer to home, this year was the hardest year of my life. There were mostly lows, and deeper lows, with an occasional hope-bringing-upswing, just to plummet back into the abyss of depression. It’s been a while since my last post, and the reasoning for that is this: I got a job.

On September 27th, I formally accepted the position of Event Manager at Cravings Fine Food Market & Catering, right here in Barrie. Fortunately, with Thanksgiving right around the corner from my first workweek, weddings in November, and Holiday parties in December, ‘busy’ does not come close to describing how the past three months have been.

It is the nature of the events industry to always be forward-thinking, to be planning and organizing every detail for the next event. After an event, a breath of calm, a pause to reflect and reward oneself with the accomplishment of project completion. Then on to the next.

And so the cycle repeats itself and I find weeks pass without accomplishing anything outside of the workplace. Visiting friends, calling family, chores and errands, all get shoved to the side as I just try to keep my head above water in the ‘busyness’ of business.

Now I am one of those odd omnivert-type people. I can appear quite extroverted but have introverted tendencies. That being said, although I enjoy my time alone to recover and recharge, I am no recluse. I love the people I hold close to me, and value the time I get with them. I also love my job, my industry, the rush of crazy and the relief of success. What I need to find is my balance.

My goal for New Year’s 2015-2016 was finding Purpose. In 2017 I strive for Balance. In home life, health, relationships and friendships, work, sleep, and mentality. I feel like I’m on a tightwire track heading in a good direction. I would just prefer a little less stumbling along the way!





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