| And it Happened All at Once |

It’s been an absolutely wild ride here over the last few weeks. My work permit finally arrived on June 29th, much to both mine and Seb’s surprise. We certainly weren’t expecting it to just show up in the mail one day! After several minutes of frantic hugging and tears of joy, I thought Right. Time to make it all happen. So I did. I published my facebook page pretty much immediately, and began uploading albums of my artwork, categorized by medium- chalk, watercolour, acrylic- and style- signage, stationery, home decor. Luckily I had already been posting some of my artwork on Instagram, but I was able to repurpose my profile so it aligned more with Petalsuite as a business venture. Now, I’m working with Stevenson Farms B&B and Harvest Spa on chalkboard signage that will hang all around their venue, a birthday board for a fellow Rising Tider’s darling puppy, and a handlettered Shakespearean quote on canvas for a very special 6 year old’s bedroom makeover. The best part? I know this is just the beginning. I’m so looking forward to expanding my horizons both as an artist and as a contributing member of the arts community here in Barrie.

Not only that, but Candice Cole, a friend and fellow event designer here in Simcoe County, asking if I would partner with her in a new business venture that she was working on opening. Four days later, Love Weddings Canada was born. A week after that, we already have 15 vendors signed up in support of us. Definitely feeling the love!

All in all, it’s been a pretty amazing few weeks- it really did all happen at once. But I say bring it on!



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