| Beginning |


Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure and joy of spending a beautifully warm and sunny May day in Toronto with two of my girlfriends- Filipa Jackson, of Playing with Apparel, and Darlene Anderson of The New Girl blog.

Yes, both of them, bloggers.

I have to say, chatting with them about the process of blogging, and doing so successfully, was enormously inspiring. So much so that I have decided to really invest more effort into my own blog here on Petalsuite. I have used the blog so far as an outlet- a place I can dump out whatever’s humming and buzzing around my brain- in order to have more mental clarity, peace, and calm. But, I’m sure that’s not ideal reading material! I, of course, plan to continue using my blog in this way, as having a place to get my thoughts out and in text is incredibly beneficial to me, but I plan to supplement these occasional thoughts with more artwork, design, and things that inspire me.

It will be a fun journey of starting up this blog-  I’m so excited you’re joining me on the adventure! Stay tuned by signing up to Petalsuite’s notifications, following @petalsuite on Instagram, and while you’re over there, why not follow my friends @filipajackson and @thenewgirldar while you’re at it? Part of what makes our friendships so strong and successful is our honest and genuine support of each other’s endeavours in life and business. I want to see them succeed, and they do the same for me. Hashtag girl squad.



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