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We’re a week into 2016, and all I feel I’m seeing on the internet are articles that read: “Best blank of 2015!” Fill in the blank. Best hit song. Best dressed. Best wedding photo.  Best hair transformation. Best Instagram feed. Best former ping-pong-champion-turned-rodeo-cowboy. (OK, I made that last one up.)

You get the idea though. What it makes me wonder, is why there is this obsession with being the Best. What makes one something superior to another similar something else? Who decides? What if my Best is not your Best, or their Best?  Isn’t my Best still enough? Isn’t it still the top of my effort and achievements?

I want everyone to look at 2016 and breathe deeply. You don’t have to be ‘THE Best’. Your Best is enough. YOU are enough. No more measuring ourselves against perfectly cultivated, artificial social media profiles. The best part? Your Best is always a work in progress. For example- I may paint something I love, maybe a watercolor illustration (my current favorite thing to do). It may be the Best watercolor I’ve ever done. But the beauty is in the journey, and I know that particular Best can always get better. Enjoy the journey. Always do the best you can, and watch your Best get better.



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