| Productivity and Motivation |

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to find inspiration to be creative, or to motivate yourself to be productive. I know days like today, when it’s -19℃ outside where I am, and I feel ice in my bone marrow, the very last thing I want to do is be productive. Burrowing into my sofa with a blanket and hot cocoa is so much more appealing- even though I can still feel a bitter chill through the double glazing of the window which my sofa sits beneath.

Now, I’m not one to bundle up and brave the great outdoors on a day like this, but I hear exercise is the best way to warm your body up and stimulate your brain. Better blood flow, more creative flow right? So this month I started Yoga with Adriene‘s #YOGACAMP- 30 consecutive days of yoga videos, available on YouTube totally free of charge, for any level of yogi practitioner. It’s only Day 3 of the series right now, and I’m already glad that I’ve made time to get to my mat and reset my system.

I also feel more motivated when I’m a part of a community to support me. Perhaps it’s because surrounding myself with creative people makes me feed off of their energy, or perhaps it’s because doing something in a group holds me accountable to someone other than myself. Nevertheless, I found a 30 day Instagram challenge called ‘#CreativeDaily’ where, with 30 prompts, users post something creative they’ve done or made each day. *find petalsuite on Instagram hereWhat I like about this is that the prompts are vague enough that you can take them in any direction you please. For example, Day 1 was ‘WORDS’ and Day 2 was ‘NUMBERS’. For Day 1, I posted a photo of my Chalkboard Wall at my house, where each week my husband and I plan out our meals for that week, and each month I re-draw the title to fit a theme appropriate to the month. It fit the ‘Words’ theme obviously, because it makes use of handlettering and writing for each meal. My Day 2 was more of a stretch. My husband had brought home two white ceramic subway tiles that were just laying around at work, asking if I wanted to use them for any of my crafts. I had just recently seen this really cool technique of marble painting with nail polish, so I knew immediately that’s what I wanted to try. It was an easy technique in theory, but for my first attempt it felt a little clumsy, although I’m not going to let that deter me. I still love how it came out and I’m planning on marbling more stuff to perfect the style. (my Day 1 and Day 2 projects below)

My point is this: if you’re struggling (like I am) to motivate yourself- whether it’s because it’s too cold to function, like for me, or maybe you just aren’t feeling it- being a part of a community to lift you and support you is so incredibly helpful. Share your work with people, ask questions, or give advice, whatever your involvement may be, and watch your productivity soar! Even on those dreary grey Winter days!



2 Replies to “| Productivity and Motivation |”

    1. Thanks love! I will always find self-motivation so difficult though, it takes a conscious effort to hit ‘reset’ on your negative thinking and routine… but having a support squad helps so much… We’ll get the boys yoga-ing right along with us and Winter will be over before we know it!


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