| New Year’s Eve, A New Beginning |

Time to pause and reflect on 2015…

While I feel that 2013 and 2014 were huge years for me in terms of successes and accomplishments- from my position as Director and subsequently VP of Marketing and Communications on the Board of Directors for the Washington DC chapter of the International Special Events Society, to running both a ten miler and a half marathon, and from being published as a model in an Emerald City themed ‘Glinda & Oz’ bridal shoot to getting engaged and married to my better half- 2015 was equally, if not more, huge on a personal, intrinsic level.

I left a life that I loved behind. I left my career, my friends, and my home, to move to a just-barely familiar city in a just-barely familiar country. Sure, there’s no language barrier and it’s not far at all from the States, but living in Canada has still been an enormous challenge for me.

I haven’t had to ‘go to work’ for over two and a half months. For those of you who may find that an attractive concept, think again. Try having no goals, deadlines, responsibilities, or even day-to-day interaction with colleagues, calls to take, meetings to attend, proposals to finish. I have had to dramatically reevaluate my opinion of Purpose. For my entire career so far, I have been a ‘live to work’ kinda girl. I’ve loved my career and felt rewarded by it. My purpose was to create beautiful memories for clients through special events. I felt pride and satisfaction in a perfect design suited to the client. I was happy because of my accomplishments and successes.

Without the ability to work here, I have struggled with my Purpose. What was I meant to do with my time if not work? Who would I be accountable to on a daily basis? How would I get by without goals and deadlines? It’s been tough.

Some days, sure, I spend a little too long in my PJs, or I don’t shower and get moving until the afternoon. But I have rediscovered Art- and not in a sense of using my creative abilities to make a product or provide a service in a professional capacity. Just art for art’s sake. Creating pretty things because I want to. For me. The process of imagining something beautiful, designing it, adjusting and re-designing it, and creating it, has reignited a happiness in me that I didn’t think I could feel outside of my career. And, while I’m sure my Purpose is not just to make pretty things, it’s certainly helping me adjust to my new life in Canada. Honestly, who is sure of their Purpose at age 25 anyway? Isn’t that what the rest of your life is all about?

Happy New Year everyone- cheers to finding what makes you happy and the everlasting hunt for what gives you Purpose.



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