Welcome to petalsuite, my little corner of the internet. I’m so happy you’re here!

I am a twenty-something, city-living, special-events-loving creative little lady with an appreciation for all things beautiful. Here I will share everything from stationery by inspiring artists and creators, calligraphy and graphic design I admire, and of course, my own work. You never know what may pop up one day but I can assure you this- there will be beauty in it.

Why petalsuite?– I ADORE stationery. I used to hoarde blank journals and notebooks, and I’m obsessed with anything paper- invitations, personalized stationery, journals, cards… the list goes on. A stationery suite is a set or organized collection or series of envelopes, stationery, and cards. Petals evoke thoughts of delicate, pretty little things. This is my collection of pretty little things- petalsuite.

So time to enjoy the adventure- and please leave comments, contact me, I’d love to hear from you!


Jo MacIntosh


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